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Why use Container Semi-trailer

Container Semi-trailer will be used in most transportation industries. It is one of the safest transportation vehicles for transporting fragile or sensitive goods.

The Container Semi-trailer produced by Jintongda is mainly suitable for various 20-foot and 40-foot container skeletal semi-trailers. Because of the different requirements for height and weight, the size of the container is not fixed. It has different specifications and designs to adapt to different types of containers.

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The Features Of Container Semi-trailer China

1. The main plane of the frame is low to ensure stable transportation and suitable for carrying various construction machinery, large equipment and steel.

2. It adopts three-axis balance, two-axis balance or rigid suspension, and the mass balance block is set between the front and rear leaf springs.

As a Container Semi-trailer supplier, our Container Semi-trailer for sale complies with international quality standards, and the world's advanced technology is also adopted in key technical parts, only to provide customers with high-quality products. So, if you want to know about Container Semi-trailer China, Jintongda is your best choice.