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What Is A Good Container Semi-trailer

Semi-trailer is the most used type of transport vehicle in cargo transportation. The name of semi-trailer comes from the giant trailer that they tow behind. Since the trailer has no front wheels and can only be moved when connected to the truck, it is called a "semi-trailer".

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There are many types of semi-trailers. Today, I will introduce a container semi-trailer, which can customize the specifications of semi-trailers according to the size of the container.

Main beam size of container semi-trailer

Hanging plate 10mm

Base plate 12mm

Middle plate 6mm

Height 480mm

As a container semi-trailer supplier, Jintongda has an independent container semi-trailer factory, which can specialize in the production of container semi-trailer. The container semi-trailer is equipped with a heavy-duty suspension system with steel spring plates, an emergency braking system and dual-air circuit air-driven braking. And the key components adopt the world's top technology, just to ensure the quality and safety of the semi-trailer.

In short, if you want to buy a container semi-trailer, Jintongda is your best choice!