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High Quality Flat Semi-trailer Manufacturer

Based on the needs of many customers in the market for large cargo handling, Flatbed Semi-trailer has become a very popular type of truck.

Flatbed Semi-trailer usually has no side or top cover. This open-air configuration allows them to handle uneven cargo, such as large construction machinery, landscaping equipment, etc. Flatbed Semi-trailer is made of wood, steel, aluminum and other materials and is designed to be easily loaded and unloaded from any side without loading and unloading docks.

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Moreover, because the flatbed semi-trailer adopts a unique non-enclosed design, it is usually more suitable for hauling oversize and overweight as well as special equipment and loads.

As a flat semi-trailer manufacturer, Jintongda designs flat semi-trailer heavy-duty suspension systems with steel spring plates, and has a good braking system, which can better protect personal safety on the road. In addition, this flatbed semi-trailer can be customized into different sizes and different loads, and everything can be customized according to customer needs. Because we have an independent flat semi-trailer factory, it is more convenient to customize.

In short, Jintongda is a high-quality flat semi-trailer supplier, if you want to buy flat semi-trailer, please contact us in time!