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Three Types Of Semi-trailer For Sale

In the previous article (please click here), we introduced to you three semi-trailers, which are the main products of our Jintongda company. Today I will still introduce you to three semi-trailers, which are also the main products.

semi-trailer for sale.png

1.Van Semi-trailer

Van Semi-trailer is one of the most common types of fully enclosed semi-trailers on the market, mainly used for various packaging items such as household appliances, furniture, and clothing. Optional rear door opening or side opening door, convenient for loading and unloading goods.

2.Back Flip Semi-trailer

Back Flip Semi-trailer can be turned upside down, so it is more suitable for shipping bulk cargo, such as coal, sand, iron powder, etc. This semi-trailer has large bearing capacity, high safety, strong stability, and is extremely convenient during transportation.

3.Low Flatbed Semi-trailer

Low Flatbed Semi-trailer is our common type of semi-trailer in the transportation of large equipment. It is usually used in the transportation of road construction equipment, mechanical equipment, large storage tanks, and long steel. The load factor of Low Flatbed Semi-trailer is determined according to the number of axles and tires.

The above three semi-trailers are the third of Jintongda's main products. As semi-trailer manufacturers, we are convinced that only good quality can produce good products. Therefore, please rest assured about our company's products. If you want to buy our semi-trailer, please contact us!