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How Do You Choose A Semi-trailer

Semi-trailer is a common means of transportation in cargo transportation. Whether it is large equipment, furniture, food, or other large goods, semi-trailer can transport it. However, when choosing a semi-trailer, pay attention to the type of semi-trailer. 

Different types of semi-trailers are suitable for different cargo transportation. The following are some of the types of semi-trailers sold by Jintongda Company, I hope it will be helpful to your choice!


1.Cargo Semi-trailer

It has a slat structure and is made of high-strength steel with a strong load-bearing capacity.

2.Flatbed Semi-trailer

Flatbed Semi-trailer is the most common and used semi-trailer for our transportation, including Low Flatbed Semi-trailer, with a load range of 20-150 tons. Any goods can be transported, but the safety of the fixed goods should be paid attention to during transportation.

3.Dump Semi-trailer

Dump Semi-trailer can choose to customize single-sided unloading or double-sided unloading according to different needs, and you can also choose Back Flip Semi-trailer. Suitable for transporting coal, sand, building materials or other bulk cargo.

The above are three types of semi-trailers sold by our Jintongda Company. As semi-trailer manufacturers, we also have many other types of semi-trailers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us in time!