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What Are The Advantages Of Van Semi-trailer

Van Semi-trailers are some of the most common types of semi-trailers used in commercial logistics and transportation.

Van Semi-trailer is a freight trailer, the rear part is supported by the axle, and the front part is supported by the semi-truck or tractor. The most prominent feature of Van Semi-trailer is the enclosed container. The container is located on the top of the semi-trailer frame and can withstand the large load that requires short and long distance travel.

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Our semi van trailer dimensions can be customized according to your needs, and different sizes of cargo boxes can be designed. Because our van semi-trailer transportation system is particularly convenient and efficient, it can transport various types of goods, such as various household appliances, clothing and other packaged goods, and has the functions of rain, sun, and anti-theft.

As semi van trailer manufacturers, our van semi-trailer for sale is unique in that it is easier to handle than other trailers. The trailer kingpin is located in the fifth wheel behind the tractor cab, and a pin connection provides a pivot point, making turning and reversing simple and easy. The single kingpin connection means that the van trailer is easier to unhook and stand independently on the supporting hem leg. This allows the driver to change trailers quickly and easily.

Van Semi-trailer is very convenient for transporting FMCG products or electronic products, so if you currently need van Semi-trailer, please contact us in time!