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An axle is a rod or shaft that rotates the wheels or supports the weight of the vehicle. The role of the axle is to connect the key components of the vehicle with the central axis of the wheel to ensure the rotation of the wheel.

The axle is an essential part of any vehicle and there are three main types: the front axle, the rear axle and the short axle.

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Type of axle:

Axles are generally divided into three types: front axle, rear axle and short axle.

Front axle: Generally located at the front of the vehicle, it is mainly responsible for assisting steering and dealing with the impact caused by uneven road surface. It mainly includes four parts: the beam, the swivel pin, the track rod, and the stub axle.

Rear axle: The main function is to transmit power to the driving wheels. It is composed of two half axles and is connected by a differential connector.

Short axle: Mainly connected to the front wheel of the vehicle and connected to the front axle.

Axle features:

1. The shaft head is forged from alloy and processed by CNC lathe after quenching and tempering, the bearing part is resistant to wear by intermediate frequency quenching, the bearing installation does not need heating , can be pushed by hand, installation and maintenance is more convenient.

2.High quality asbestos-free and environmentally friendly friction plate, excellent performance, long service life, low brake noise, no pollution, easy to check and replace, improve the safety factor.

3.High-efficiency special lubricating oil, good lubricating effect, can extend the life of the bearing, really efficient and energy-saving.

4.Well-known national brand bearings are characterized by large load-bearing capacity, high rotational speed, good rigidity, wear resistance, heat resistance, shock and vibration resistance, use safe, etc.

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The above is the introduction of Jintongda's axle products. If you want to know more about our company's products, please feel free to consult!